The Journey Begins

Well here we go. The Journey actually began quite awhile ago, but the new adventure of blogging my journey begins! I used to make fun of bloggers quite a bit, but here I am.
I’ve honestly been stressing about a hypothetical travel blog for years, because I’m a perfectionist, but today is the day I force myself to start. This might start out lame and might not get any followers, or maybe it’ll go political and we’ll start a revolution via WordPress.

Right now I’m sitting inside my flat, with cold hardwood floors and salt blocks stacked in my hallway to expected heat the entire apartment. When I asked the scottish repair man how the heater worked, he looked at me as if I were the dumbest girl alive, because OBVIOUSLY something with the salt ions and science happens, and boom there’s heat! Duh. Anyway, I’m laying next to my space heater, that I pay for with my electricity flash drive stick–yes, you heard that right. I pay for my electricity separately from my rent, heat, and water bill; this magic USB stick powers my flat that is right above China Town. I have to walk about 2 miles to a Sainsbury and pay approximately 49 pounds at a time to fill back up the power stick that plugs into the wall next to my door. As my friend April said, “Well, that’s a perfectly normal sounding sentence”. Truly. Newcastle is colder than Iceland this Winter and I hate every second of it, is what I’m trying to say. It took me about five months to figure out how to pay all 15 of my bills separately, and so far I’ve been living here for six months. Progress is everything.

If you’ve met me, you know I’m thin like Twiggy. I don’t do this whole cold thing very well, and I’m living in Northern Europe with a water boiler that keeps breaking. And it’s perfectly normal to have to turn on the kitchen water boiler two hours before drawing a bath, if you want it to be hot. Sometimes I’m so impatient, I just fill my tub with boiled water from my tea kettle. My shower has a seperate heater(obviously), but it draws extra power from my magical electricity stick, so I try to schedule my bath time around when I wash the dishes.

Why do I live in such a strange place? Because I got accepted into Newcastle University’s post-graduate program for International Development in Education. It’s all about the program(and money), and I loved what I read online, so I sold everything I owned and moved to England to pursue this MA. At Newcastle I get to be hands-on. For example, in two weeks I’m heading to Tanzania to do research for HDIF(Human Development Innovation Foundation) for one month.

So far this city has grown on me, I love the Geordies. I wish I started blogging six months ago, but let’s start now.


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