How To Make Money By Literally Doing Nothing

I know, the title of this post looks like a lie. It’s not. I am not sponsored nor am I getting any money for this, I’m just sharing with you the little things I do to make money while I sleep and take a piss. Will you be rich doing these things? I mean, maybe, but you would have to sell your soul to satan to make a living off of it. We’re talking making an extra $1000-$2000 per year, but I never wait long enough for my money to actually build up because I am constantly cashing it in for short travel trips.

Acorns [App]
Acorns is an app that you link your debit and credit cards to, and every time you purchase ANYTHING, Acorns will round up your purchase to the next dollar and pull the difference out of your account and invest your spare change. Basically, if you buy something for $9.99, Acorns will invest 1 cent from your credit/debit card into companies like Microsoft and other cool things. If you have a travel rewards card, this is a great way to add extra points. I find myself with a few hundred dollars every month in my bank account just from investing the spare change I have. The only thing I have ever had trouble with is making sure my bank account never gets below $15(I can’t imagine your shopping will accumulate more than $15 in spare change per week, but go you if you do), so I guess I just have to be a responsible adult and not bounce my checking account.
Please use my code to join Acorns by clicking here. By using my code, you’re helping me further invest into my traveling dreams!

I know what you’re thinking, “SWAGBUCKS STILL EXISTS?? THIS BITCH IS CRAZY IF SHE THINKS I’M USING SWAGBUCKS” but just hear me out!!!! Swagbucks is usually advertised for getting paid to take surveys, but that’s not what I use it for! The surveys can take hours to fill out and you’ll probably only end up with a .50 cent profit. Don’t waste your time!!

If you’re anything like me, you’re addicted to online shopping. So why not make money buying what you were already going to buy? For example, if you use Amazon Prime all the time, you can get paid for shopping on Amazon while you use the Swagbucks browser. If you traveling a lot, see if the websites that you already use(, expedia, priceline, cheapoair, etc.) are offered under the shops that are sponsored by Swagbucks. So get rewarded for your obsessive shopping that may or may not be tearing your family apart. Even if you’re just a university student like me and use Google for everything, try using Swagbuck’s search engine and see if you find random SB points lurking. 1 SB = 0.01 US cent. So we are literally talking pennies, but those pennies add up quick. Especially if you get 10% back of your purchases by using the Swagbucks browser.
You can also download games on your phone and watch movie trailers for SB points. The points can be transferred to you via PayPal or the gift cards of your choice. This came in handy for a last minute birthday gift one time.

To join Swagbucks, please use my link:
How to shop using Swagbucks:
After you create your Swagbucks account, click on “Shop”
Then you can choose from a list of hundreds of websites that you already shop from
In order to get the % back, you must make sure you go through the process of opening the link through the Swagbucks website. This can be difficult on a phone, so I recommend a computer for this online shopping.

Credit Cards
If you live in the USA, you need credit. So why not start building it up and get travel reward miles? I really don’t understand why more people don’t do this, this is how my family paid for all of our traveling growing up. If you’re responsible, use your travel rewards card for literally EVERY purchase and pay it off as you go like it’s a debit card. For most cards, every purchase made = 1 mile reward. At least that’s how it is for me using my Capital One Venture Card. For every travel related purchase, I get 2-3 mile rewards. This adds up fast for me, because I use uber almost everywhere I travel, and uber and lyft count as travel purchases on Venture. I chose Venture because it allows me to use my travel rewards with any airline in the world. My parents used Southwest credit cards so that they could travel cheaply and more frequently within the USA. My parents used their Southwest cards for everything from gas to groceries, and every time we traveled with Southwest it was free.
Choose the travel card with the best rewards for you!

If you’ve kept up, you can see I built an inception of collected pennies and travel rewards. For example: let’s say I buy something on Amazon using the Swagbucks browser, I buy something that’s $9.99 with my Venture card, Acorns will round it to $10 investing 1 cent, Swagbucks will give me .30 cents for using their browser, and Venture will give me travel miles. That sounds like ridiculous gibberish, but I get hundreds of dollars every few months off of it, which is valuable when you’re traveling on a budget like me.

Do you have any strange ways to make money? Please Share below


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