Tanzania Diaries 1

25 Feb 2018

We arrived late last night/early this morning(3am) at the Dar Es Salaam airport, where we were greeted by our contact, Oscar, holding a sign with our names, “Francesca and Jessica”. Oscar personally drove us to our hotel compound in the shantier parts of the city. It was quite the experience to drive through the silent neighborhoods with our windows rolled down. There was dogs howling and cats crying. My heart broke because I don’t know why they were so sad and I just wish I could save every animal… That is my biggest problem in developing countries…. I pick up the animals that are diseased and cuddle them and buy them food. I had a cat friend in China, his name was Stubby because he was missing a leg, and he was so fat that he laid in the same spot every day. But at least I knew where to find to give him more food lol.
ANYWAY, I just really love animals.
We finally got into our rooms at 4:30am, when I realized the AC in my room was broken and it was already like 35 degrees celsius outside. By the time Fran and I woke up, I felt like I needed a giant spatula to scrap my sticky sweaty body off from my bed.

In our short time in Dar Es Salaam, I have heard the Adhan(Islamic call for prayer) on speakers around our compound, and it’s beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve heard an official call for prayer, and I love the cultural experience. Morogoro is known for being Christian (from what I’ve heard) so I probably won’t be able to hear Adhan when we settle into our permanent placement.

For our lunch/afternoon, we spent the day inside of the compound and laid in the shade(cooler than my room. Btw Fran has AC in her room and I’m supremely jealous). The hotel has a lovely little courtyard with couches and a bar. So far everyone I have met here has been lovely and nice. The food was also delicious. We tried googling Swahili phrases as we’re realizing english isn’t as easy to come by as we thought it would. I downloaded an app, hoping it would be like DuoLingo, but I’ll just have to make due and memorize as much as I can before we start working at the schools in Morogoro.

Tomorrow at 4am, we will be meeting up with our other friend and head to Morogoro before the traffic and sun kill us (Oscar’s car doesn’t have AC). I only have one pair of shorts and one pair of sneakers, so I need to buy some scissors and cut off all my jeans, and grab a pair of sandals when we get settled into our rooms.


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