Tanzania Diaries: 3

I’m hot and I’m frustrated. Actually I’m angry. I’m stir crazy. I’ve been in a compound for four days with no AC and no wifi.

We we’re supposed to start research and meet up with local schools today, but the schools bailed. Tomorrow we will also not be working with schools, we will be here and continue to do essentially nothing. We really dont know when this research will kick off.

I’ve honestly had it with staying here doing nothing, and I’m going to join the local Nuns to church with them every morning and then I’m going to get a taxi by myself and go into town, if thats the only options I have of getting to the other side of the wall surrounding the compound.
By the way, the community center we are staying at is run by amazing Sisters who are the most loving women I have ever met. I just want to curl up in their laps and have them read me a bedtime story. Or the Bible. Whatever. They helped me pick out fabrics to wear today 🙂

After hours of doing essentially nothing, we finally decided that we should go to an internet cafe or something. So at the end of the day we finally walked outside, and then poor Runi got robbed. We walked maybe half a mile, with two guys on a motorcycle tracking us from behind. They pulled right up to Runi(nearly crashed into her) and snatched her phone out of her hand and drove off. The locals witnessed the whole thing and some people tried going after them, but they were gone.

Runi had to go to the police station to file a report in order for her travel insurance to cover a new phone. She’s handling it so well, I would be an absolute mess.

When the day was over our power went out. And bats we’re everywhere! Outside, inside, chirping everywhere. I think there’s one outside my door, but thankfully I have this lovely mosquito net to protect me from flying animals. Also there’s no screen to the windows in my bathroom, so there’s probably a bat in there right now haha.

When the power came back we finally had COLD BEER. It’s been warm since we got here but the fridge finally started working. everyone staying in the community center rejoiced!

Here’s to hoping that we can actually do something while we’re here. Cheers!


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