Tanzania Dairies: 4

28 Feb 2018

I really hope that these journal entries get more exciting. Because I have no news for you.

The schools still won’t contact us. We met with Oscar this morning to discuss questionnaires but that was the peak of our productivity.

Runi needed to go the bank so I eagerly went with them to get out of this compound. We went downtown and I was able to buy some new head scarfs and go to the pharmacy for cream for my million bug bites. I low key am super paranoid about getting malaria now, and I definitely didn’t bring any medication with me for it. I figured if I didn’t need any in India or China, I would be fine here too. But this is much more rural and I may have made a mistake.

We bought some papaya and avocados on the side of the road. I’ve been having trouble keeping food down (as usual), but fruit and rice are doing okay for now. I’m also eating super protein packed bars, so don’t worry I’m not letting myself starve.

Ummm…. Yeah my day wasn’t exciting. If you’re not my professor and reading this, I’m sorry for your time wasted. If you’re my professor…. This is still counts as my assignment I guess lol.

I can’t wait to actually do something. Until then, I will continue to write about my stories of doing absolutely nothing.


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