Tanzania Diaries: 5

I woke up to the rains down in Africa. But Toto wasn’t there 🙁 . It was like an earthquake with the rain hitting the roof of the building, and my windows, curtains, and bedding were soaked. I’m from Colorado so I’ve never seen so much rain in my life.

We had chipati and watermelon for breakfast, with our hot tea. The rain died down around 9:30am, when Oscar picked us up to take us to VETA and CSSC.

At VETA college we did research specifically for HDIF regarding gender and technology in schools. We were each given a focus group with a translator. I was given a group of girls who we’re graduating from their ReachUp! Programs. Three of the girls were studying tailoring and learning how to make their own businesses in fashion design and opening boutiques. The fourth girl in my group is the only girl enrolled in masonry, and she wants to design new technology to help build blocks faster for buildings. They told me before they enrolled, they had never even heard of email before, and now they can use computers and make PowerPoints presentations that they are very proud of. We had so much fun together, they asked if I could come teach them English on Monday morning. I told them I’ll find out about my schedule but it would be a great time to test out my TEFL skills.

After we left VETA and collected our data for HDIF, we headed to CSSC to get permission from the head of the schools for us to collect our own data for our dissertation.

We explained our research and the participants we need(I want at least over 200 children for my data, Runi needs 50 teachers, and Fran needs a mix of both). I handed her my survey and the consent forms to look over my research, and hopefully she will be getting back to us next week and let us into the primary schools.

We also met one of the graduates from VETA, who Oscar seems to mentor, who runs his own fruit stand business on the side of the road. His name is Stephano and he was lovely to meet. We made sure to buy plenty of mangos, pears, pineapple, and bananas

When we got home to our beautiful compound at Amabililsi Community Center, we typed up our hand written data and emailed it to Oscar. We don’t have WiFi so we are taking turns with who turns on their hotspot on their phone.

Then we had group Skype with our professors and supervisors, as well as Oscar of course. I always forget how thick Geoff’s Scottish accent, and James’s Geordie accent is(I’m probably wrong about their accents and they’re laughing when they read this). I loved how we had three completely different British accents, an American accent, an Indian accent, and a Tanzanian accent all at once. It was great to hear from them and update them on everything going on here, as well as them updating us with the horidenous snow storm in the UK. We’re worried that Mahjoobah’s flight might get cancelled due to the storm, so pray she gets here safely.

I love how much I have been able to bond with Runi and Fran. With no internet distractions, we have so much time to spend together and get to know each other’s farts. We scout out a group of couches every day and make camp there. We get rather angry when the other students from Sweden take our favorite couches on the first floor. Like who do they think they are? Those are OUR couches even tho they have been here longer than us. Hahaha

That’s it for today. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.


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