Tanzania Diaries: 7

03 March 2018

It’s the weekend so we have two days off to ourselves. We chose to spend our first day off in Morogoro at the Morogoro Hotel and paid to use their swimming pool in the afternoon. We invited our new friends, Maria, Sophie, Frank 1, and Frank 2. Or Frank and Franky.

We ordered fresh pressed passion fruit, and I ordered myself some chicken soup and garlic naan. Everything was devine. Runi and Sophie do not know how to swim, but we’re brave enough to join me and Fran in the shallow end for some fun and swimming lessons. Fran and I are not lifeguards but we did our best to show them how to float and kick their feet. They need a few more lessons, but they did fantastic and we’re very brave!

After hours by the pool, Franky wanted to show us his office at the second VETA campus near the Morgoro Hotel. The campus was so beautiful, I thought I was in Hawaii. After leaving the campus, Maria, Fran, Runi, and I grabbed a rickshaw to take us home to the community center.

We were supposed to go out with our new friends to party and celebrate, but after Maria arrived to pick us up at 8pm, Fran said she was sick and Runi no longer felt like partying. I was the one who offered Maria a full refund on gas money because I cared enough about how much money she spent to pick us up and felt bad…. I didn’t have enough money to compensate the others but hopefully they were not upset with us. Hopefully next time, someone will speak up BEFORE we get picked up and maybe help me pay for the problems caused.


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