Tanzania Diaries: 8

04 March 2018

I found myself trapped in a nightmare. After waking up screaming and passing out repeatedly, I finally woke up for real at 1:30pm. I have not had terrors that bad in years and was unable to snap out of it.

I joined Fran and Runi outside after I woke, and worked on my HDIF research while they worked on their focus group questions. Fran is still sick and her back was hurting, so Runi helped by leading a 10 minute yoga session for her. Runi packed some super nice yoga clothes, so kudos to her amazing wardrobe in all scenarios haha. Meanwhile, I forgot to pack flip flops and steal the community center shower sandals everyday.

Mahjoobah finally arrived today around 3pm!!!! We are absolutely thrilled that she is finally with us. She did not get her business visa approved until a few days ago, but luckily she has not missed any data collection for her own dissertation, so she arrived just in time.

Runi was nice enough to shave my head again for me because the scars on my scalp were getting patchy again. I didn’t know everyone wanted to join so it was a tiny party in my room while my head was being shaved lol.

After shaving my head, Mahjoobah wanted us to show her the community center, so we walked around a few times. She was very excited to see all the cats.


We we’re starving waiting for dinner until 7:30pm. I heard the Nuns chanting in Swahili in the tiny chapel, so I decided to silently want in and kneel on the ground. One of the sisters smiled at me and invited me to sit next to her on one of the praying pews. I’m not Roman Catholic, and I do not speak Swahili, but we worship the same God and love Jesus. I spent my time in there praying, listening to the sisters sing beautiful hymns in Swahili, and asking God for guidance. This is the second time this week I have found myself bowing in prayer in a local church. God is everywhere.

After the tiny service, the bell rang for dinner. We had rice, chips, peas, spinach, and bananas for dinner. I’m proud to say that I cleared everything on my plate (except the cooked spinach because of the texture). I’m a huge fan of the hot chili sauce we have here.

After dinner we camped out on our usual couches and enjoyed our favorite new beer, Safari. It was wonderful to finally have Mahjoobah with us for our evening conversations ❤️


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