Tanzania Diaries: 9

05 March 2018

Today was our first day where we have been granted permission to begin our dissertation research at schools. Our first school is an all-boys Catholic school, where Fran and I were able to go into classrooms and pass out our surveys/questionnaires to 66 students. Which is an amazing start considering we would like 200-300 participants. We have four more weeks here so it should be a piece of cake to collect the rest of the data. Runi was able to interview 14 teachers, so she only needs 36 more teachers for her dissertation research. I’m so proud of our progress. Mahjoobah will begin her research tomorrow.

I was given a classroom of boys with no teacher present, it it was a partayyy filling out my survey hahaha. I love them so much and we had so much fun together. They all demanded my Instagram so I wrote it down on their chalkboard to follow me.

After we left the school, Oscar picked us up to take us downtown to the bank and Tigo(local mobile provider) to add more data to our phones. Never realized how easy it is to go through so much data on my phone when we have zero internet connection. Normally I only need 5g month, but I clearly need 15g.

After we went downtown, Oscar drove us to a great photo location of the mountains.

After we got come we all took a nice rest before dinner. I’m proud to say that I ate everything on my plate tonight. God is good.

Right now we’re drinking Safaris and all writing our blogs together. I love these girls.


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