Tanzania Diaries: 10

06 March 2018

I was weirdly the first person at breakfast today, considering I prefer sleeping past 7am. We had egg and bread with our tea. Afterwards I went back to bed for a long nap before we headed for another local high school in Morogoro at 12pm

When it was time to go, Mahjooba didn’t have her surveys printed in time so we had to leave without her. Luckily the school’s headmaster kept us waiting until we were able to find out which classes were ready for us to research. Thankfully Mahjooba grabbed a taxi and made it in time to conduct her research. While we were waiting we were asked to wait in the school’s chemistry lab

I was given a co-ed class, which is a rare class because they do not like mixing gender. They believe that boys and girls cannot learn in the same room. I was able to survey about 75 students before I ran out of surveys. The class was not as much fun as the previous school, but I think they just took my survey more seriously than the all-boys school did.

I felt like a teacher with them working so hard on my research. I felt a little bad tho, they acted like they were taking exams.

When I finished with my class, I walked around the campus waiting/looking for Runi and Mahjooba. I saw an old church behind the school, so I walked closer to take a picture and then found myself in a laundry courtyard. I took a picture of the colorful clothes hanging, but stopped walking towards the church, because the women doing laundry looked at me like I was trespassing and violating them in their private laundry time. The church I was aiming for is the building in the back with the rusted roof.

Fran has been very sick and called a taxi back to the center before we left 🙁 we hope it’s just her anti-malaria tablets making her sick and nothing worse. We’ll take her to the hospital if she is still sick tomorrow.

Runi, Mahjooba, and I got extremely lost trying to find our way back to the road to catch a rickshaw. We walked around in circles and ran into a man casting demons out of people. It was a very loud sermon. We looped around the crowd of people shouting, and eventually found the road.

All of the rickshaws and taxis were full, so we got to expierence our first daladala ride(mini bus). They pulled over to us and offered us a ride for 14,000 shillings–Runi yelled at them to fuck off until they gave us the real price of 2,000 shillings for all three of us. If there’s anything I’ve learned from traveling all my life, everyone will try to scam you. I was so tired and hot from the heat that I settled on 4,000, but Runi stood her ground and wouldn’t let us make fools of ourselves until we got the real price.

When the daladala dropped us outside of the center, Mahjooba and I immediately walked down the street to buy some avocados, mango, and papaya. When walked back we ordered lunch from the sisters and got fried chicken and fresh chips. what a treat to eat something more than beans and rice. It was delicious. We camped out at the table and watched a comedy show that Runi had downloaded on her laptop.

Some of the Swiss students showed up and looked at us weird for being in the dining hall in the day-time hours. Usually we only eat at 7:30am and 7:30pm. They coincidentally arrived right after the nuns started to prepare the dinner buffet line. There was a plate of bananas set out, and they quickly grabbed them and shoved them inside their pants, skirts, and bags.

This may not seem like a big deal, but we pay for every single meal no matter how small. The beans and rice we have for every meal are not free, we pay every time we eat, and we pay extra for the bananas when they are available. They students literally stole from the church, from the Sisters who try to hard to make sure everyone is fed. If they had the money, we would not be charged for the little food we receive.

Not only are these students just terrible people for stealing, they are international development students which means they are the next future leaders of our United Nations and other major corporations like Red Cross. Our “aid” around the world is already extremely corrupt, with new stories breaking out almost everyday as UN leaders are caught sexually abusing refugees in exchange for food. These students are monsters for stealing from the poor, and who knows what they will do when they have power. I want to write a letter to their university about this. This is more than just stealing a banana, this defeats everything behind what international development fights for. If all white people didn’t look the same, I would go find them and spit on them. I live across from one of the professors and when I see her next she needs to know that her students are monsters and owe the Sisters a lot of money. Who knows how often they do this. This was the first time we hung out in the dining hall during off-hours to witness it.

We told the kitchen staff and they immediately hit the bananas under a table so that no one could get to them before dinner.

I’m am so disgusted at this students that I have been fuming and sick to my stomach for hours. Why don’t they just walk into the orphanage up the street that our Sisters also run, and then steal all their food? Why stop there? Steal everything from them. Your first world needs are clearly more about important than the 3rd world you came to “help”. I hope karma finds them and they fail their dissertations, can never get jobs, and then know what it’s like to survive on beans and rice. And when they have a banana, I hope someone steals it from their hungry hands and they remember the people in Tanzania they stole from.


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