Tanzania Diaries: 13

09 March 2018

Today we went to SEGA Girls school, which is US funded. It was by far the nicest school campus we have seen so far. Every building was freshly painted in bright colors and murals, their computer lab was phonomenal, and they had dogs all over the campus protecting the girls. I’ve always had a dream of opening a school for girls and I’ve always wanted there to be dogs to make the girls safe and protected both emotionally and physically. It was so cool to see that what I pictured in my mind actually exsists! Except I would have more dogs at school. And they would be nicer. Because one of them bit Runi.

I was given a wonderful class of girls to pass out my surveys too. Unfortunately, I did not bring enough surveys and the girls who did not receive any looked heart broken. At all of the other schools, if I ran out of surveys the children rejoiced and knew they had an extra break that day. But these girls were so sad not to be apart of it. Thankfully the student council girls ran to the school office and made copies for everyone. What gems.


The headmaster was so open to sharing with us, and she will always be one of my biggest inspirations. The girls at SEGA are encouraged to use technology and they all have Google accounts. I’ve been chatting online with several of the students every day. It was so wonderful seeing that they girls have the power and encouragement to use technology, and are in a safe envoirnment.

I laid on the concrete in the shade because I felt very dehydrated. I was immediately surrounded by girls asking me every question under the sun. Everyone in Morogoro has been FASCINATED by my tattoos. They’ve never seen them before, or at least not on a girl. A white girl especially. I’ve been asked several times “what is the purpose of them? Do they do something?”and I’ve always wanted to sarcastically reply “they’re solar panneled and I can charge my phone through my skin” but I explain to them instead that in Colorado culture it is extremely common for everyone to have tattoos and piercings. Which is true. Since it was an all-girls school, I let them see all my covered tattoos as well as the visible ones. They awed in wonder. I got an email telling me how beautiful I look from one of them 🙂

I hope someday I can work for a school like Sega.


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