Tanzania Diaries: 14

10 March 2018

Our friends took us to the beautiful Rock Garden in Morogoro. It was about 2 miles closer to the mountain than the center we are staying at. Within those two miles I saw a wild monkey for the first time in my life!! It hopped away before I could take a picture. It was huge! I later found out it was a baboon!

When we got to the Rock Garden, children and teenagers playing in the river saw that I had a camera and asked me to come take pictures of them having fun. I would have jumped right in with them, but I only got up to my knees in the water because I wasn’t sure what might have been in the water if I fully immersed myself.

Our friends and I walked further up the river and explored around the river, and then sat on a boulder enjoying the beauty for awhile.

After sitting by the creek we walked over to one of the huts and ordered some beers. Maria and I played on the swing set and the mary-go-round.

After we left the Rock Garden, we met up with Franky and Freddy at a restaurant down the street and enjoyed some amazing food.

After the restaurant we decided to keep the party going, and took two rickshaws to a bar/club. The Newcastle vs South Hampton game was on, and we enjoyed watching Newcastle win until the power went out. Everyone turned on their flashlights on their phones like nothing happened and continued on drinking. Franky 2 eventually arrived and introduced me to the local spirit made of fermented sugarcane. It was delicious and sweet.

After we left, we took a daladala to downtown Morogoro, and then parted ways with Sophie, Frank, Franky, and Freddy. And the other six of tried fitting seven people into a rickshaw. I am the skinniest so I volunteered to hang out of the rickshaw and hold on to a pole for dear life. I was tipsy so I was having a grand time hanging out of the rickshaw going 50mph. I felt like a dog hanging his out of a car window on the highway.

Could have not asked for a more fun day with friends ❤️


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