Tanzania Diaries: 18

14 March 2018

This morning Mahjooba and I went to VETA college for her to finish her interviews and pass out her surveys. I was sitting in the office minding my own business, when the ICT teacher asked me how to copy & paste in a Microsoft Word document. The next thing I knew, I was teaching a computer class how to use Microsoft Word, Publisher, Paint, and PowerPoint. I had no idea how much I could help them with computers, because when I hear “ICT” I think of my brother who can build a computer from a coconut and duct tape. When Mahjooba was done with her research, she joined us as we led the class on how to create PowerPoint presentations.

We will be returning as often as possible to continue teaching the computer class. I’m preparing a class on how to create CVs/resumes.

After we were done with the school, Sophie and Loveness took us to a tailor to make our dresses from the fabrics we bought yesterday. I’m very excited to pick them up this weekend and see how they look!

After leaving the tailor, we took a daladala downtown to get some lunch and order traditional Tanzanian food. I had the beef and rice stew, and Mahjooba had the beef and bananas. I’m a huge fan of Tanzanian food whenever we get the chance to eat out.

We took a rickshaw home to the center and I tried to take a shower, but my shower head has less water pressure than before. There’s a water spikit under my shower for mopping the floor, so I crouched down to splash the water all over me to wash the soap off. After the shower I took a nap until dinner.

Tomorrow we will be heading to more colleges to see what kind of work we can do for them.


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