Tanzania Diaries: 19

15 March 2018

This morning I woke up earlier than when breakfast was ready. I was anxious to avoid running into people… I had a hard boiled egg, watermelon, and a sweet roll that I filled up with jam so it tasted like a jelly donut.

I skipped out on going to the local college with the girls because I am terrified of encountering one of the men that they accused me of being complicit with. Since they all decided to go, I decided to stay back to protect myself from further accusations. Also I didn’t need to do any research at the college they were going to. Distance is the only way I see to be able to protect myself for the duration of this trip.

I had lunch at the center; beans, rice, and village chicken. There’s two German guys passing through and they joined me for lunch at my table. Their names are Paul and Clemons. We had a lovely chat and later had dinner together as well.

When the girls came home I invited them join us for a beer with them, but they seemed to have no interest in making friends with strangers. So I spent my evening having a beer and cigarette with them. We sat outside and talked about the refugee crisis in Germany and what they are trying to do to help, and also explained how the refugees are tossed around all of Europe
for years until they eventually find a permanent settlement. Very enlightening for me considering that my home country in America hates the idea of taking care of people who are desperately trying to survive from war and persecution.

Tomorrow we have no plans because we have no contacts with schools that need us tomorrow. On Saturday we will be going on a Safari which I could not be more excited about!


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