Tanzania Diaries: 20

Nothing much happened today. The rains were heavy and we had no schools to research at today, so we spent the day in bed and on the couches lounging around in our pajamas all day.

I added money to my Skype account so that I could call Turkish Airlines to change my flight to stay with Mahjooba an extra week. From everything that I have read about changing flights with this company, is that it is only a $50 change fee. Well I quickly found out it was a $500 change fee. Which is around the amount I spent on my entire round-trip flights from London to Dar. I looked at other one-way flights and found nothing I could afford. I was devastated to tell Mahjooba that she would be alone her last week, but she responded very kindly and forgiving as she always is. Thankfully we have made enough local friends for her not to worry about being alone or bored. I was also truly devastated because we were planning on going to Kilimanjaro 🙁 I guess the closest picture I’ll have of the mountain will just be the one on my water bottle for now.

Oscar arrived today to discuss our weekly plans with the schools before we leave, and to make arrangements for our Safari tomorrow. Maria will hopefully be joining us😍. We will be leaving at 5:30am and hopefully arrive before 10am.

For dinner tonight I decided to have dessert because I’m so healthy like that. I took two chipoti and spread jam inside and then folded it up like a crepe. Yummy in my tummy. We had a hearty lunch so I was still full, and I seriously hurt my tooth earlier today so its hard to chew on anything other than a chipoti pancake.

With knowing my trip is coming to an end much sooner than I expected, I made all of my travel arrangements from London to Newcastle. And then I bought my tickets home to Colorado in May while I was at it. My credit card is crying. You know it’s bad when your email alerts you that you’ve almost maxed your card entirely….. But on the bright side, look how many airline miles I have!! I’m saving them all up to see TJ in Cambodia this year. That’s right, I’m going back to Asia ❤️I also have trip to Spain and Portugal in April. I might have to drop Spain due to my workload. Luckily the tickets were only $40 round trip to Spain so I can go another time(yay Europe).

Can’t wait to watch the sunrise in Oscar’s car again on our way to see Lions, and Rhinos, and Wilderbeasts (oh my).


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