Tanzania Diaries: 21 – Safari

17 March 2018

Dear diary, today I didn’t wear sunscreen so an extreme form of rapid macro-evolution took it’s course and I am now a red lobster. But still sexier than the restaurant.

Oscar picked us up at the center at 5:30 and we headed to Mikumi, Tanzania, to meet up with Maria and have all of us expierence our first safari together. On our drive to Mikumi there was giraffes all over the sides of the road, just like all the deer in Colorado. There was so many that by the end of the day, we were wondering why our guide was still stopping at giraffes for us to take pictures.

I don’t know how Mahjooba didnt get car sick sitting backwards in the car for so many miles looking at all of the giraffes. I also don’t know where all of the photos of the giraffes on the side of the road that I took disappeared to…. But have plenty of giraffe photos from inside the national park!

Before we got to Mikumi National Park, we stopped at a restaurant for tea and breakfast and met up with our guides and their lifted safari truck. You don’t need a safari truck, but you’ll see later in this story why you would be an idiot not to rent one.

When we got to the park enterance we met up with Maria at the gate! After a long process of getting our park permits, we were finally off!!

I don’t need to explain the safari, the pictures speak for themselves.

While on our journey, we ran into some other tourists who decided to give themselves a tour of the park in their own vehicle. Not a good idea

After helping them get out and offering for them to follow us, our massive safari truck also got stuck in the mud. So the other car tried helping us by chaining us to them to pull us out. Next thing we know, both cars are stuck in the mud chained to each other. It took a little less than an hour to get the cars out, and in this time, I got my massive sunburn that only covers the right side of my body.

After surviving the mud, our truck basically died. I mean, look at all the exhaust in that video! That’s not dirt in the air. We were high as balls at this point. We spent another 30 minutes with our guide under the hood of the car. It didn’t look good at all. But we pressed on somehow and the car still worked.

After our six hour safari, Mahjooba and I asked if we could be taken to the “Snake Park”. Mahjooba, Maria, and I were the only ones brave enough to enter the park. Everyone else waited in the truck. We learned so much about Africa’s deadliest snakes and how tiny and well hidden in the trees they are. Basically if you don’t have a hospital next to you when you get bit by these snakes, you’re gonna die in five minutes. Im never hiking in the jungle again. As soon as we saw the python, I asked if I could pretty please hold it and they let me 😍

There was also sooooo many turtles and four crocodiles there. I had no idea how much smaller a crocodile is than a alligator. I think I could definitely fight one.

After our fun with the reptiles, we were taken to an ATM to pay for the guide and his truck in cash. It was a complicated about of shillings but thank God for calculators.

We parted ways with the guide and hopped back into Oscar’s car for our long drive home to Morogoro in the dark. I kept falling asleep and waking up every time we hit a bump, or almost hit a person, or a car. Thankfully we made it home safely.

We we’re starving but it was past dinner when we got back to the center. Thankfully the ladies cooked us up some fresh chips that we doused in chili sauce. Sooo good.

There was a conference here for the past few days, and it was the last night, so a bunch of middle aged women were partying till like 2am. No sleep for me or Runi. But what an amazing day we had.


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