Tanzania Diaries: 24

20 March 2018

This morning while Mahjooba and I were waiting on our bajaji, that was 10 minutes late, I found myself in a strange conversation with an American Christian Nationalist. It started off fine, he was telling me about a “Bible Cruise” that goes around to different archeological sights found in the Bible. I thought it sounded amazing, but it took a sharp turn when he said, “While we were on the Sea of Galilee, we raised the American Flag on the boat and sang the National Anthem”. I find this extremely disturbing and disrespectful to Isreal, and also disrespectful to the Bible because Jesus was not an American and they we’re essentially taking a shit on Jesus’ heritage. Then he changed to subject and told me how WONDERFUL Donald Trump is and that I should work for him in international development. Which is hilarious because Trump is trying to stop international aid and now he’s taking away aid from his own citizens. I was all sorts of confused and offended, but thank God the bajaji finally arrived so I could escape the conversation. I really didn’t know how to articulate my response in words…..

When we got to VETA, Mahjooba’s class plans had to change because there was no internet (as usual) for the college today. Her plan was to teach the class on how to create their own websites and businesses online, but she had to change plans to teaching them how to make PowerPoint presentations. Which ended up being a great class! I had a migraine since last night so I had trouble starring at the screens, but I did my best to be her teaching assistant. After two hours the migraine hit my entire body and I felt like I was going to throw up. I ran to the office and asked for someone to call me a taxi or bajaji because I would be even more sick if I was crammed into a hot daladala. They said the only people that were out near Kihonda VETA College was motorcyclists, so I said bring it on!

I told Mahjooba that I needed to go home asap and that I ordered a bike for me. She didn’t want to go home alone so she ended he class, and we got a second bike for her. We would have fit three people on one bike, but the police here are super strict. When our bikes arrived I was absolutely jazzed to take a motorcycle ride from Kihonda Morogoro. The fresh air and scenery made me feel much less green. I don’t know why we haven’t been taking bike rides every day, it’s clearly the best way to see Tanzania. Although I was dying of a migraine, the ride was one of my biggest highlights of the trip.

As soon as we got back to the center, I felt sick immediately all over again and spent the rest of the night in bed until dinner. While at dinner I saw a spider run past the wall I was next to, and I had a full on arachnidphobia attack. It’s not funny or a joke. I’m not a girl who is afraid of spiders, I suffer from a phobia. I tried therapy one for it, but I couldn’t get past a YouTube video of a spider without crying.

I ran to my room and took a bunch of anxiety drugs and talked to my best friend Josh while I was crying like a baby trying to calm down. When I finally came back to the dining hall, I was super doped up and was able to eat. Afterwards I took a cigarette and went to bad to pass out from the shear exhaustion of my phobia attack.


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