Tanzania Diaries: 25

21 March 2018

I decided to stay in bed most of the day and skip out on going to one of the schools with everyone else. I just wanted to make sure that my migraine was taken care of. My head still hurts but it’s not nearly as bad as yesterday.

The power went out for most of the afternoon and evening, so for dinner we enjoyed a romantic candle lit table for the four of us. It’s Runi and Fran’s last night here, so it was perfect. And then the power was back on and ruined the romance. We had Safaris together and goofed around like children. Mahjooba was throwing banana peels at Runi and I was apologizing in Swahili to everyone else in the dining hall while we were laughing.

We didn’t spent as much time together as Mahjooba and I would have hoped, because Fran and Runi needed to pack. I sat on the front porch in the dark to smoke with the bats and cats and finished my Safari and what was left of the small pack of menthols that I bought at the beginning of my month here. I don’t typically smoke often but it’s a guilty pleasure and a great stress reliever when I don’t have my Colorado medication on me.

I spent the rest of my night reading “Warrior Goddess” until I fell asleep. The sexuality chapter was a little odd for me being asexual and all, but the rest of the book is very helpful hahaha. I should probably be packing as well, but I guess I have all day tomorrow to pack.


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