Tanzania Diaries: 26

22 March 2018

I still have a small bit of a migraine left today, so I kept it easy in bed today. Mahjooba, Runi, and Fran went to a school for a short bit this morning and then Runi and Fran were dropped off at the bus station to get to Dar Es Salaam. I will be joining them in Dar tomorrow evening.

It’s been somewhat emotional at the center today with the Nuns and employees hugging me and saying how much they want me to stay. I also wish I could stay longer, but my credit just won’t allow it šŸ™

I’ve been snacking on chips and chipati all day. I’m considering buying some chili sauce because I put it on literally everything.

Tonight I gotta pack up out of the room I have made myself at home in. Hopefully my suitcase won’t be too heavy!


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