Tanzania Diaries: 27

23 March 2018

This morning was hard saying goodbye to everyone who was at the center, especially Maria. Sophie sent me a loving WhatsApp message last night that almost made me cry because she thanked me for treating her like “a fellow Mzungu”(white person) and for trusting her so much. 1, I treated her like a fellow human being, and 2, she never gave me a reason not to trust her. It breaks my heart so much that she has had such negative experiences with Mzungus for her to thank me for treating her like the lovely friend that she is. She’s supposed to be coming to Colorado in May to visit her sister, and I could not be more excited to kidnap her and keep her all to myself and never let her even see her sister in Boulder. heehee

Juma, our taxi driver, drove me to the bus station to join Runi and Fran in Dar es Salaam. I got the nice bus, with air conditioning and tvs. We watched Tanzanian soap operas, and I could not be more into them. I desperately tried googling the names of the movies online but found nothing 🙁 besides the sexist undertones, I was very invested in these dramas and did not sleep at all for the five hour bus ride. There was a child behind me that was fascinated by my white skin and short hair. He kept reaching through the crack in the seats to touch my arms, trace his nails on my skin to see what colors I turned, and touched my head to feel why my short hair felt different than his the whole way. He was so cute, so I acted like I didn’t notice and let him explore the wonders of what was probably his first Mzungu. His older sister(I’m assuming) and their baby sister sat next to me, and the baby was adorable.

When we finally arrived in Dar es Salaam, I was met by several taxis claiming they were the taxi from the hotel I was staying at. Eventually I found the right guy who had the manager on the phone to prove that he was indeed my taxi driver. I was taken to our budget hotel where I am briefly staying for the night. This hotel took “budget hotel” to a whole new level, with holes in the walls and cockroaches crawling around the floors. I could not possibly stay in there longer than I needed to, so I took a taxi to the SlipWay to join Runi and Fran for dinner.

The Slipway is a gorgeous beach walk unlike anything I have ever seen. Definitely a vacation spot I could never afford in a million years. We had Thai food and sushi on the beach and it was the most heavenly meal we have had in over a month. I don’t have any pictures of this glorious place because the sun set by the time I joined them.

When we got back to the hotel, Fran and I got a total of two hours of sleep before our ride picked us up at 1am to take us to the airport. Well, we had two hours to sleep, I don’t think either of us got more than 30 minutes. Now we are at the airport waiting to board our 4am flight, which is where I’m writing. The first time I have had access to wifi in a month. First world problems, am I right?

This is the last journal entry of the Tanzania Diaries. Thank you for reading, and I apologize at the same time for any critics out there. This is my first “real” blog. Whatever that means.


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